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Art at Our Hotel

For art enthusiasts, our hotel puts you in the center of Austin’s museum district. From multiple works in our hotel and conference center, to museums in walking distance, you’ll be inspired by artists from around the world.

ATT Hotel and Conference Center Big Indian Mountain

Big Indian Mountain by Raoul Hague

Stop and admire the black walnut sculpture, Big Indian Mountain, in our conference center lobby on M2. In this work, artist Raoul Hague sought to magnify the power of growth in nature.

This work is lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and maintained by Landmarks, the public art program of the University of Texas at Austin. Learn more about Big Indian Mountain here.

Courtyard Gallery ATT Hotel and Conference Center

Courtyard Gallery

Our Courtyard Gallery, located on the lobby level near the Spirit Gift Shop, features exhibits by the students and alumni of the Department of Art and Art History in the University of Texas’ College of Fine Arts. The gallery has featured over 30 artists since 2008 and is organized by the Visual Arts Center.

Now exhibiting: There Here. Works by recent Studio Art graduates of the University of Texas at Austin. Curated by Phillip Niemeyer.

Learn more about the current exhibit here.

Harry Ransom Center Austin UT

Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center is an internationally renowned humanities research center at The University of Texas at Austin. Located within walking distance, the center’s extensive collections includes nearly 1 million books, more than 42 million manuscripts, 5 million photographs, and 100,000 works of art. Here you’ll see archives and works from Robert De Niro, E.E. Cummings, Jack Kerouac, Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein, and more. They also have one of 20 complete copies of the Gutenburg Bible in the world.


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